Gabriel Iglesias

Gabriel Iglesias

Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias' style of comedy is a mixture of story telling with characters and sound effects that bring all his personal issues to life. His amazing ability to cross over with a clean animated style of comedy has put him in big demand throughout the stand-up comedy circuit. Ask anyone who has seen him in concert and you will probably hear the same thing, "He was so funny!"


  1. Rama Gautam
    Rama Gautam
    26 хвілін таму

    Today I got to know why 'fluffy pleaseee come to India as well!

  2. Xairo Barna
    Xairo Barna
    29 хвілін таму

    Now a days Bush don't seem that bad 😅

  3. SolidSnakeSister 16
    SolidSnakeSister 16
    40 хвілін таму

    Preach!!!! I'm 17 but I grew up with the GameCube, and Nintendo 64

  4. Kamal Sharma
    Kamal Sharma
    42 хвіліны таму

    He talked about neck. While he is neckless person.....

  5. Hàrshal Pàťil
    Hàrshal Pàťil
    45 хвілін таму

    Damn funny with complimentary beat boxing skills.

  6. nihal syed
    nihal syed
    52 хвіліны таму

    14:47 literally want to see that😍 i bet it'll be great

  7. Your Daddy
    Your Daddy
    54 хвіліны таму

    America : We drive on the left of the road . India : We drive on what's left of the road 😂😂😂😂

  8. Paul Mutzel
    Paul Mutzel
    Годину таму

    I love the "holy gift" sounds XD

  9. Tariq Ernstzen
    Tariq Ernstzen
    Годину таму

    As a South African, we make those sounds alot

  10. Lightman Productions
    Lightman Productions
    Годину таму

    We went from powdered wigs to one dipped in Cheeto dust oh fluffy, thou speakest the truth

  11. Joan hardy
    Joan hardy
    Годину таму

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  12. ThirdOwl
    Годину таму

    Really? Level 6 walks? I think you need two more levels, 7 for the modified golf cart level, and 8 for the people move by crane through smashed walls/ceilings.

  13. Grape Ape
    Grape Ape
    2 години таму

    Your a racist dude, I’ve seen your tv show and you put whites as a lower class people, everyone talks about equality, but if you watch them they don’t really want that.

    2 години таму

    This man just met Haruo irl

  15. Shradha Thampi
    Shradha Thampi
    2 години таму


  16. Rose
    2 години таму

    Have you all watched Fluffy Goes To India? OMG!!! That was soooo extra funny!!

  17. Kevin Boogaard
    Kevin Boogaard
    2 години таму

    Hey Gabriel, Who's joke is this yours or Ralphie's

  18. Trap Vaccine
    Trap Vaccine
    2 години таму

    I have a black mom I hear more than swears

  19. Mr. Decency
    Mr. Decency
    2 години таму

    "Six levels of fatness" is one of my most favorite jokes of all time. 😃

  20. Katrina Price
    Katrina Price
    2 години таму

    Well done

  21. Daniel Abraham
    Daniel Abraham
    2 години таму

    A wise man once said " A wife is like a granade, take the ring off and boom"

  22. Katrina Price
    Katrina Price
    3 години таму

    One of the best Presidents you've ever had.

  23. SuperJNG18
    3 години таму

    Whoever did the subtitles needs to know the difference between “your” and “you’re”

  24. Hasham Ur Rehman
    Hasham Ur Rehman
    3 години таму

    come pakistan sometime

  25. Shiro
    4 години таму

    Even though these shows are really old the comedy is timeless. You can't say that with a lot of other old youtube era comedy

  26. Dark Km
    Dark Km
    4 години таму

    i wish i could write some things but u will get offened and u would not understand my word

  27. Dark Km
    Dark Km
    4 години таму

    INDIA is great usa sucks

  28. Dark Km
    Dark Km
    4 години таму

    i love my country and ,we one of world wonders so pls shut ur mouth and eat ur pizza and get round like that

  29. Dark Km
    Dark Km
    4 години таму

    if u have this much problem from India don't even think to come back to India.and we believe in god,and cow is one of god's part, and ur people nailed ur god to a cross and ur bible carries such a bad things in it, and ur usa culture is so worse that even 16 to 17 years girls get laid and have a child.i would like to say first pls take of ur country then point on us .and now i would like to talk about ur president ,he want to build a wall between USA and Mexico which is 3,145 kilometers thats is equal to 1,954 miles,does he that how much this affect to the wildlife and ecosystem of that area at list i would like to say u ppl and u look like a ball.

  30. guardian of the toasters
    guardian of the toasters
    4 години таму

    6'8 goddamn that's a tall mtf ngl

    4 години таму

    Bro this funny

  32. Aman Sharma
    Aman Sharma
    4 години таму

    He is a dub master, picks the accent really well.

  33. Jamie Felts
    Jamie Felts
    4 години таму


  34. griz kreeper
    griz kreeper
    4 години таму

    now when it comes to drinking bundy rum, it'll do either one of 2 things to you a) your having a good night or b) it'll bring the violent side of you out and there's no in between with it. And growing up in bundy you would naturally think it's cheaper considering but how wrong you are as it's the same price as elsewhere and when you grow up and people invite you over to drink it's all they mostly drink and it really does turn you off drinking it quickly when thats all that people drink

  35. thundergamer 07
    thundergamer 07
    4 години таму

    I am one of the six levels of fatness I am husky

  36. Ryan Marcus
    Ryan Marcus
    4 години таму

    This sounds similar to Jerry Seinfeld's piece... "Hell no!!!"

  37. Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin
    4 години таму

    “Maaartiiiiiinnnn!” “ORALE!!!”

  38. Micah Horn
    Micah Horn
    4 години таму

    this world needs more daves

  39. Chaman Gupta
    Chaman Gupta
    5 годин таму

    You have some misconceptions though, visit india to clear it out🙆‍♂️😂

  40. Keith Wong
    Keith Wong
    5 годин таму

    Ain't bored to watch it again

  41. S VIJAY
    5 годин таму

    Guy never knows.. India is world's 2nd Beef 🥩 exporter.. 😂 😂 😂

  42. Ankita Singh
    Ankita Singh
    5 годин таму


  43. jim g
    jim g
    6 годин таму

    They believe cows are reincarnated people and should be revered. But they ignore people dying or getting in a wreck? So basically life means dick to them until you die then they acknowledge you? Fuck that shit lmao

  44. Nhlonipho Nkosi
    Nhlonipho Nkosi
    6 годин таму

    He is hilarious 🤣

  45. zandadoum
    6 годин таму


  46. jeet kakraniya
    jeet kakraniya
    6 годин таму

    You are very nice women comedian

  47. purva Khabiya
    purva Khabiya
    6 годин таму

    Very bad video 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  48. Hunter Davis
    Hunter Davis
    6 годин таму

    i think it needs more SPICE

  49. Dank Duck
    Dank Duck
    6 годин таму

    the dislikes are from the Indians who get offended a lot

  50. Nick Schauer
    Nick Schauer
    6 годин таму

    ‘NoI never met Arnie’ so funny

  51. lol king 2233
    lol king 2233
    6 годин таму

    Please have a show in Oklahoma I want to see you in person

  52. David Rivera
    David Rivera
    6 годин таму

    Meth saved the world by driving Davey insane now he lost his Brain

  53. Joshua Botha
    Joshua Botha
    6 годин таму

    This was very funny. As someone from Africa however, the reality would be that he gets here and continues to have Wifi everywhere and less laws. The only big difference is that everything here is slower and more dangerous. Haha

  54. Lulu Fathima
    Lulu Fathima
    6 годин таму

    Whatever he is saying about India is completely wrong and insanely can u say such things without knowing even a little bit about India...who told u Indians love Fanta???and about your new theory about Indians not caring about human life??? Seriously???...don't do such shit just for getting some laughs

  55. 10M Subs Challenge
    10M Subs Challenge
    6 годин таму

    Reasons to hate trump💩

  56. Khanján
    7 годин таму

    13:50 it was kmph not mph😂 Its India not usa🇺🇲🇮🇳

    7 годин таму

    He caught me off guard with his siri impression 😂🤣

  58. koalabrownie
    7 годин таму

    How do you turn off the closed captioning? Nothing kills a joke more than reading the lines in advance. Seems like it's burned into the video

  59. Shreya Vajpayee
    Shreya Vajpayee
    7 годин таму

    Oommgg this guy's Indian accent are so similar 😐🤐

  60. Daniel Kwok
    Daniel Kwok
    7 годин таму

    Too deep. Took a while to process.

  61. Donna Reid
    Donna Reid
    7 годин таму

    That bus driver knows his own bus...iness too. 👍❤😅

  62. Carbon Ur buddy
    Carbon Ur buddy
    7 годин таму

    Man I am husky

  63. qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon
    7 годин таму

    Father is in VA Home - close to death from the Rona. So these lighthearted moments were a real blessing today, Gabriel. Thank you and God Bless.

  64. Daniel Kwok
    Daniel Kwok
    7 годин таму

    The switch is amazing. Sounds like someone else.

  65. Galactic Pig
    Galactic Pig
    7 годин таму

    Nice collection Fluffy

  66. Martin Aurik
    Martin Aurik
    7 годин таму

    Very Nice Marvel collection,But if I have to be honoust I like the Dog on your arm near the End the most😃

  67. Kurt langenfeld
    Kurt langenfeld
    7 годин таму

    so villagers are based on india because they're heads turn when they talk?

  68. Jared Iudica
    Jared Iudica
    7 годин таму

    Being From Las Cruces I agree 100% but when your in El Paso why would someone go to cruces we got nothing here

  69. The Weekly Joyd's
    The Weekly Joyd's
    8 годин таму

    bear community said hi

  70. Montana Roots
    Montana Roots
    8 годин таму

    He literally shit in the street there. It makes May-he-coh seem like Beverly Hills.

  71. Zachari Sincennes
    Zachari Sincennes
    8 годин таму

    He didn't say whether Dave can cook, but I'd love to find out what would happen if Gordon Ramsay tried to get up in Dave's face and talk trash. And yes, I said "tried to."

  72. XD Will
    XD Will
    8 годин таму

    6:41 - 7:00

  73. Metal Music Maniac
    Metal Music Maniac
    8 годин таму

    Big Healthy Husky Fluffy Damn Oh hell no Cant get outta my bed Clear

    1. qopoy dnon
      qopoy dnon
      7 годин таму

      I swear this is some of the funniest 5 minutes ever filmed. Fluffy, you are A GENIUS!

  74. Jacob Smith
    Jacob Smith
    8 годин таму

    Ever doing a show in NZ?

  75. Diiablo
    8 годин таму

    Hey fluffy you should do comedy shows again 🌹 because we missed you.

  76. AOC AJ
    AOC AJ
    8 годин таму

    i laugh and it came out the wrong end O_O

    8 годин таму

    I still dont know why they call him "fluffy"

  78. steelrain 814
    steelrain 814
    8 годин таму

    Your clearly at the eighth

  79. Ben Kurdi
    Ben Kurdi
    9 годин таму

    IM DEAD CALL 911

  80. tyler stevens
    tyler stevens
    9 годин таму

    15:50 french to english tu es très gentil, mon petit chou you are very nice, my little darling