Custom Lamborghini vs. Tesla Race!! 🚘🚗 - Winner Keeps Car | ZHC

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Custom Lamborghini Vs Tesla Race - Winner Keeps Car
Thanks to Michelle and Rug for Participating!
@ FaZeRug
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    1. Ayan agayaev
      Ayan agayaev
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      Iván Cruz
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      Jerome jaison
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      Love u ZHC

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    5. Kanmani Muthu
      Kanmani Muthu
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    Jd Bs
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    rita jesmin
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  5. Zachary Fridley
    Zachary Fridley
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    Ma.concepcion Martinez
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    Will tyler
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    mog mog
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    Neeta Jain
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  40. Sachin Jadhav
    Sachin Jadhav
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