George Carlin on some cultural issues.

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Masterful performance of George Carlin taken from the show "Back in Town", 1996.
PS: George is NOT wearing a ponytail in this video, so just STOP this useless 'argument'.


  1. Przemysław Maciejczyk
    Przemysław Maciejczyk
    12 хвілін таму


  2. Cleetus Farragamo
    Cleetus Farragamo
    3 години таму

    Love this...:) The *Snowflakes* will be shittin' their pants..LOlL.

  3. Cesar Nava Palacio
    Cesar Nava Palacio
    3 години таму

    I love Georgie.

  4. Missy Artistic
    Missy Artistic
    8 годин таму

    The public doesnt suck, the rich globalist zionist satanic elites rule over us way too long. We dont have any power

  5. TheWicked696
    9 годин таму

    Politically speaking. Fuck this guy. He believes in full on 1940s germany socialism.

  6. Owl Child
    Owl Child
    17 годин таму

    Idk, yall, this shit is wack. Y is George Carlin funny?

    1. rupert
      16 годин таму

      It depends on whether you have his still of humor

  7. Will Selim
    Will Selim
    20 годин таму

    Couldn't agree more :))))

  8. ‘A K A’
    ‘A K A’
    Дзень таму

    lol the earing thing is still here

  9. Creepy Crepsley
    Creepy Crepsley
    Дзень таму

    George is very *accurate* about the cologne and aftershave. I can promise you that a girl will be a million times more turned on by your natural musk if you just shower and clean yourself with a good soap, shampoo, and conditioner.

  10. Antti Rautiola
    Antti Rautiola
    Дзень таму

    Why are you sharing his video?

  11. Satevo
    Дзень таму

    Dear god I miss you sooo much Carlin. You are my hero. You are desperately needed in these ridiculous times we live in. Rest in peace my lovely lil brother from another mother.

  12. Rob Siciliano
    Rob Siciliano
    Дзень таму

    Is it good or bad that he's still relevant? Doesn't it mean we've learned nothing from him?

  13. terry walker
    terry walker
    Дзень таму

    Mmm. Wonder where he is now?

  14. BOBBY D
    Дзень таму

    There's clearly not enough views of this video.

  15. Flaming Croatan
    Flaming Croatan
    2 дні таму

    Oh, George, you were too great for this world.

  16. Maida browneyes
    Maida browneyes
    2 дні таму

    Wish he was in the new bill and ted movie

  17. John Gullo
    John Gullo
    2 дні таму

    Imagine the riff George would have on Amazon and their obsession with fast shipping.

  18. kenneth moritzen
    kenneth moritzen
    2 дні таму

    8.9k are all wrong about this man. Phuck all of you.

  19. Dave Lane's Milky Way Chronicles
    Dave Lane's Milky Way Chronicles
    2 дні таму

    Vote damn it! 😛

  20. Gene
    2 дні таму

    he'd really shit with cell phone videos

  21. S O
    S O
    3 дні таму

    boomers were given everything?? Tell that to people who starved during the war.

  22. Dylan Lentini
    Dylan Lentini
    3 дні таму

    "Man, this generation sucks. If only George was alive to see the stupidity of today. I'm the joka' baby." -Every George Carlin video comment ever

  23. KarkyDoesGaming
    3 дні таму

    George would piss off so many religious Trump supporters it would’ve been funny

  24. hamster1
    3 дні таму

    its sad in Australia its illegal not to vote you can be fined you can still choose not to vote in the UK

    1. hamster1
      2 дні таму

      @Mister Dragon Rod nah I’m good the public never even got to vote and boris is the prime minister

    2. Mister Dragon Rod
      Mister Dragon Rod
      2 дні таму

      you should always vote. If you dont like any option you can leave it blank.

  25. Dawn Ferro
    Dawn Ferro
    3 дні таму

    Would loved to have heard his views on Trump... 😂 Miss you George.

  26. housekilla457
    3 дні таму

    Shoutout to the cameraman that found the white guy with the backwards hat.

  27. Cherryl Kazik
    Cherryl Kazik
    3 дні таму

    I wonder how many remember,"Get bent", George would know what that means! Lol!

  28. agentelvis81
    4 дні таму

    Crazy how this is just as powerful (probably more so) in 2020. I can't wait to be fucking dead. He's 100% right about voting = meaningless. You are DUPED into voting for the lesser of two unqualified evils - not doing a "duty." Think otherwise? You're an idiot.

    1. sara and patrick 2.0
      sara and patrick 2.0
      3 дні таму

      we must revolt the govt.

  29. Carolyn Westlake
    Carolyn Westlake
    4 дні таму

    So so true. Garbage in, garbage out.

  30. Charles Darwin
    Charles Darwin
    4 дні таму

    I can only dream of what Carlin would have had to say about Donald Trump and his avalanche of bullshit, lies, rants, and belief that he has America's interests at heart. I suspect that it would be the greatest take-down in political history. Carlin, unlike a lot of people, could immediately see through the phoniness and empty rhetoric that characterizes a Trump speech. Trump would be decimated and taken to task in the finest detail and would have to slink away knowing that the charade was over!

  31. beachcomber2008
    4 дні таму

    Seems perfectly contemporary to me.

  32. D A
    D A
    4 дні таму

    3:06 LMAO~!!! Yes SIR!!! Damn right your right haha celebrities always having some type color band or something represent an event that don't mean shit to us!...they should actually help homeless or less fortunate than pick a ribbon and say its for this,and in the end,ALL they spent on it probably is 1$-5$...what ever they happen to give,sometimes its just given for FREE,so where is the help there if the "ribbon" was given,just another celebrity stating what they support verbally not financially.

  33. SS
    4 дні таму

    Well, I'm gonna start wearing a brown ribbon.

  34. Stavros Kalioglou
    Stavros Kalioglou
    4 дні таму

    i would sell my soul to devil to have George as a father!!!

  35. Maranatha 12
    Maranatha 12
    4 дні таму

    When I see a young man decorating himself with a soldering iron, I say, there's a happy guy!

  36. bob branscum
    bob branscum
    4 дні таму

    I agree, FUCK everybody.

  37. fuck the police
    fuck the police
    4 дні таму


  38. andrewnduati
    4 дні таму

    0:49 in 2020 we discovered a reason to be nostalgic for "a little while ago"

  39. Zoe TheCat
    Zoe TheCat
    4 дні таму

    Camcorder? If he didn't die in 2008, he'd have committed suicide over selfie people

  40. Libertyeagle99669
    5 дзён таму

    George would love Tiktok... lol

  41. Eric Kersey
    Eric Kersey
    5 дзён таму

    Best ever

  42. Eselsindnichdumm
    5 дзён таму

    Rest in peace, brother...

  43. Pranav More
    Pranav More
    5 дзён таму

    1:56 There's a white guy wearing his baseball hat backwards 😂

  44. Brad Lee
    Brad Lee
    5 дзён таму

    A campaign ad coming on right after this was f*cking priceless

  45. Erik w
    Erik w
    5 дзён таму

    soybean futures is he talking about the soyboys in 2020?

  46. mike Nottingham
    mike Nottingham
    5 дзён таму

    He was so ahead of his time...

  47. Nicci Dee
    Nicci Dee
    5 дзён таму

    I completely agree with George on the natural pheromones/scent of a man. Women have a better sense of smell than men to begin with, and I can tell you first hand that when I first met my soon-to-be-husband...his own natural scent was overwhelmingly positive. I could not get enough of it. It drew me to him like a moth to the flame. Putting aside all of his other natural social perfections, the scent was just one more perfect thing about him. And as of today, we have been married for 33 blissful years. I hit the lottery with this most wonderful person girls. I wish for you the same. 🎰 😂😂😂😂😂

  48. Poppa Flow
    Poppa Flow
    5 дзён таму

    Carlin was ahead of his time & yet right on time.

  49. Kent Dagnall
    Kent Dagnall
    6 дзён таму

    He could have preformed this yesterday. Have we been frozen in time since 1996 or was he a time traveller?

  50. sam Gilvear
    sam Gilvear
    6 дзён таму

    He would love covid 1984... Here in 2020. Plandemic scamdemic

  51. governor sweatyhands
    governor sweatyhands
    6 дзён таму

    the public sucks, fuck hope!

  52. desu38
    6 дзён таму

    They finally got their soybean future, and now they're shaking their fists at us over it. wtf?

  53. Kilroy 5150
    Kilroy 5150
    6 дзён таму

    This is why this man is my @#$%ing HERO, he tells it like it is!

  54. E L450
    E L450
    6 дзён таму

    " Cocaine to rogaine" " Garbage in garbage out" and " I do not vote".

  55. Kenneth Brandon
    Kenneth Brandon
    6 дзён таму


  56. J d
    J d
    6 дзён таму

    he certainly doesn't hold back, no politically correct bullshit

  57. OneKindWord
    6 дзён таму

    3:07 the ribbons! Oh good lord I've thought the same thing!

  58. PartTimeTourist
    6 дзён таму

    George Carlin was a Genius.....he was by far the best and I miss him badly

  59. Peter Thomas
    Peter Thomas
    6 дзён таму

    George is def a Mount Rushmore comedian

  60. bourbonfan1
    7 дзён таму

    fake cowboys here were called goat ropers

  61. michael johnson
    michael johnson
    7 дзён таму

    This Man is a LEGEND. His comedy has so much truth to it. Its not just laughs he was looking for. He was speaking to the ppl.

  62. Brandon
    7 дзён таму

    Humorous when reactionaries like to quote George Carlin out of context as if he wasn't staunchly pro-LGBT, pro-drug, pro-choice, anti-war, anti-establishment, etc.

  63. Travis McConnell
    Travis McConnell
    7 дзён таму

    Hey there from 2020. St Carlin you saw it all

  64. Mark O'Cain
    Mark O'Cain
    7 дзён таму

    People like Seinfeld use observational comedy in their acts and some are just ok at it...they get some laughs . George Calin was the master. George knew how to whip up a crowd too!

  65. Matthew Gill
    Matthew Gill
    7 дзён таму

    We sure could sure your wisdom now, George! You went way too early, RIP

  66. S. L. Whitehorse
    S. L. Whitehorse
    7 дзён таму

    When a woman gives life!

  67. Kassa Chap
    Kassa Chap
    7 дзён таму

    I wish he was here today, bless george carlin.

  68. Mike Mack
    Mike Mack
    8 дзён таму

    All the Boomers applauding and cheering while he skewers them. He's performing to an auditorium full of Republican voters. America is weird.

  69. Mike Mack
    Mike Mack
    8 дзён таму

    Sheesh, what would George Carlin make of fucking palm devices?!!?

  70. Sinister Sam
    Sinister Sam
    8 дзён таму

    Average cost of car in 1968 $3,556 Average cost of car in 2020 $29,000

  71. The Accountant
    The Accountant
    8 дзён таму

    Lol this was recorded the year I was born

  72. De large
    De large
    8 дзён таму

    “White guys that wear baseball caps backwards are lame” 1:57 *cuts to a white guy wearing a backwards baseball cap

    1. utterlyviolet
      22 години таму

      Props to the camera operator or whoever noticed and had it filmed. As if a rimshot could be visual.

    2. 360zm
      2 дні таму

      He once prefaced this by saying "Except you Kevin Smith!"

    3. Srikar Kandikonda
      Srikar Kandikonda
      8 дзён таму

      Was looking for this comment. Poor guy 😂

  73. Dan Hurd
    Dan Hurd
    8 дзён таму

    Degenerate yuppie boomer cock suckers

    1. Prozy Studios
      Prozy Studios
      5 дзён таму

      go outside

  74. Dinesh Upadhyay
    Dinesh Upadhyay
    8 дзён таму

    Why didn't they ever cast him as Joker?

  75. Debi Diana
    Debi Diana
    8 дзён таму

    I am a boomer and I don't resemble that at all

  76. Dirty Ampol
    Dirty Ampol
    8 дзён таму

    Every word he said is a slap to everyone's face.

  77. Dominic Ciccio
    Dominic Ciccio
    8 дзён таму

    The truth is the greatest loss in 2020 is not having George Carlin laying down the real truth via comedy RIP GEORGE CARLIN

  78. WIZARDZ The Magic Of Music
    WIZARDZ The Magic Of Music
    8 дзён таму

    Politics I have heard from many people over the years is the one subject to avoid basically avoid all conversatioms about politics, this makes the subject fun creating parody/comic and satirical humor from public views, but it is done somewhatt mildly to extremes in some little parts but overall it is relatable to for all view points it's a parodof social view points it's insulting to some in odd places nothing extreme in that regard but regardless it is oozing genuine-ness in the process of trying to make you laugh about it all as a society it is really very relative funny and in touch it makes a farce of many areas of sociological steretypes and everything in the grey area without being to oppressive or vulgar it is very funny.

  79. Wilfred Mott
    Wilfred Mott
    8 дзён таму

    Come back.

  80. James Miller
    James Miller
    9 дзён таму

    You have to keep in mind, when Carlin lambasts baby boomers in 1996 he's talking about middle aged persons and mid-life crises, not today's retirees. He's talking about people younger than himself.

  81. James Lucas
    James Lucas
    9 дзён таму

    Fuckin Legend Here Bahd

  82. D.
    9 дзён таму

    Spam [9] to hear Mr. Carlin make fart noises.

  83. Claudia B
    Claudia B
    9 дзён таму

    Elon Musk is making sure we all have a lunar module soon! Carlin was ahead of his time!

  84. Ethan
    9 дзён таму

    And to think, to know, that he said this SIX elections ago.

  85. Tony's World
    Tony's World
    9 дзён таму

    Yeah, you can thank the worthless baby boomers for the crusty piece of burned down garbage they left us to live in...... mother fuckers!!

  86. Frequency 432
    Frequency 432
    10 дзён таму

    Billy Sprinkle.

  87. Jack Sprat
    Jack Sprat
    10 дзён таму

    George Carlin's "comedy" was a burst of energy through haze of American culture. I agree with a lot of it, but not voting? Nope - I still think it counts. But I would say many Americans are too self-centered to understand the need to get a real understanding of who they are voting for. Instead we vote for slogans, personalities, charisma, celebrity and ignore character, integrity, honesty. and how do politicians run these days? Fear. If you don't vote for me the world will end and you'll die. Used to be "sex sells" not in politics - except in Trump's case. Married to a soft porn queen, has sex with a porn star, playboy bunnies and enjoys an occasional pee shower. Guys like to say, "How terrible. Disgusting." But inside they envy him. Wish they could have what he has. So do we all stay home and let the rot spread? Or do we wake up and think, "We can do better than this."? Do we want to be George Carlin's fat , stupid people, lumbering through the malls buying stuff we don't need with money we don't have? Or do we want to be smart, fit, thinking people capable of making intelligent choices?

  88. letlhogonolo sithole
    letlhogonolo sithole
    10 дзён таму

    We might have found bill burr's dad

  89. MARTY
    10 дзён таму


  90. Soliel D
    Soliel D
    10 дзён таму


  91. Soliel D
    Soliel D
    10 дзён таму

    Trump Biden 2020

  92. Rob Norwood
    Rob Norwood
    10 дзён таму

    I saw Carlin a few times. He went after the audience every time. He had balls of steel. George Carlin and Christopher Hitchens were my mentors.

    1. Murilo S. Oliveira
      Murilo S. Oliveira
      10 дзён таму

      My only regret in life was to hear about these two real masters after I was 30... My life would be infinitely better if I left my faith before... Well, better late than never!

  93. Кани Крабов
    Кани Крабов
    11 дзён таму


  94. Brian O
    Brian O
    11 дзён таму

    I miss George, I really miss the master

  95. Parenthetical
    11 дзён таму

    Not all Baby Boomers went down that road. Besides, what happened to Baby Boomers is just a natural progression in all generations. People start out young, happy, idealistic and after years of fighting the vicissitudes of life, many just break down and become angry, nasty and resentful. I wonder what George would say about people and their cell phones, BYget, Tik Tok, Instagram, etc. Man I miss this guy!!

  96. Kathryn Greenwood
    Kathryn Greenwood
    11 дзён таму

    He was so good, loved him from the 70's

  97. Justin r
    Justin r
    11 дзён таму

    this guy is the best, it is dated but still funny.

  98. Larry Paulsen
    Larry Paulsen
    11 дзён таму

    Every day could b your last....

  99. Larry Paulsen
    Larry Paulsen
    11 дзён таму

    Ya now c prophet? C duhm amureekunz

  100. Justin Cruz
    Justin Cruz
    11 дзён таму

    He says that and it cuts to one of the audience members with their baseball cap worn backwards. 6:02 @vloggers.