Throwback Thursday: Secrets From The Set Of Magic Mike | Gabriel Iglesias

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Happy throwback Thursday from 2013!


  1. lost guitarist
    lost guitarist
    6 годин таму

    I am getting Netflix tomorrow. I am soooo fucking excited to watch all the specials and Mr. Iglesias series.

  2. John Foxxy
    John Foxxy
    7 годин таму


  3. C H A L O ‘ N
    C H A L O ‘ N
    Дзень таму

    1:53 is literally THE LIFE OF EVERY ACTOR "😂"😂"😂"😂"😂"😂

  4. carrier7676
    2 дні таму

    Today was hard, I really needed to laugh, Thank you so much Gabriel!

  5. Kyle McDowell
    Kyle McDowell
    2 дні таму

    I feel like everyone who plays a DJ has to know what DJs actually do or how to DJ

  6. Hàrshal Pàťil
    Hàrshal Pàťil
    3 дні таму

    Damn funny with complimentary beat boxing skills.

  7. SuperJNG18
    3 дні таму

    Whoever did the subtitles needs to know the difference between “your” and “you’re”

    3 дні таму

    fluffy got copyright strike

  9. Lerzoos Lercoos
    Lerzoos Lercoos
    4 дні таму

    2:35 that happened to me 😅

  10. TheRee
    5 дзён таму


  11. D A
    D A
    5 дзён таму

    "1:29" Yeah I've been getting paid daily with *p p l o n c a s h . x y z* I'm making over $1557 a week with them! ଏସ୍ତଙ୍କସ୍ତଙ୍କହା ସମସ୍ତଙ୍କ ପାଇଁ ଉପଯୁକ୍ତ

  12. Tanjiro The second
    Tanjiro The second
    6 дзён таму

    10:59 what a voice

  13. Dragon Sin
    Dragon Sin
    6 дзён таму


  14. SETH SARAFF NAGA Travel-Eat-Motivate
    SETH SARAFF NAGA Travel-Eat-Motivate
    6 дзён таму

    This beard looks so good on you #Gabriel ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  15. primal silva
    primal silva
    7 дзён таму

    8:18 😂😂😂😂

  16. Mittron
    8 дзён таму

    Who the fuck did the subtitles for this shit cuz he gotta go back to school

  17. Zena Matthews
    Zena Matthews
    8 дзён таму

    He's a really good story teller!

  18. Choudhary
    9 дзён таму

    No one- Literally no one- . . . Meanwhile Matthew in bushes- Aaaallraaaiiighhhtt 😂😂😂

  19. Nicolas Yang
    Nicolas Yang
    10 дзён таму

    His agent is the best cheerleader ever lmaooo.

  20. RoxyDzey
    10 дзён таму

    so they wasted many other people time for nothing.. they were waiting for audition for nothing because it was fake and rigged. im a big fan of fluffy and i like tatum's films but this is just sad bro :/ casual people always goes behind the celebrities, i hate that. he shouldnt told this story, this should have been a secret of show buesiness. i mean i wonder what his agent and tatum are thinking about this publicity lol

  21. Mr. L
    Mr. L
    10 дзён таму

    Just gonna betray your friend Joe like that?

  22. Nazar Romanyshyn
    Nazar Romanyshyn
    11 дзён таму

    OMG I love this guy, hes amazing

  23. Shylo Grace
    Shylo Grace
    11 дзён таму

  24. SnakyLand
    11 дзён таму

    "Bend over you will!"

  25. SnakyLand
    11 дзён таму

    This is fucking good... Holy shit... This is some good shit...

  26. Boyzilla78 Productions
    Boyzilla78 Productions
    12 дзён таму

    Prison be like: 13:56

  27. ZIQ
    13 дзён таму

    "Mmmm, bend over, you will"

  28. Sue Tanner
    Sue Tanner
    14 дзён таму

    Change of voice articulated

  29. Henny Nagy
    Henny Nagy
    14 дзён таму

    I am still thinking about why he wasn't in "The Big Bang Theory" when the actors of " Magic Mike " where there playing D&D.

  30. Logesh lee
    Logesh lee
    15 дзён таму

    My favourite after so many videos

  31. Muhammad Khan
    Muhammad Khan
    15 дзён таму


  32. Mike Joshua Manlangit 11 HUMSS E
    Mike Joshua Manlangit 11 HUMSS E
    15 дзён таму

    i wanna know the time in the movie where fluffy is in

  33. Vicken Varbedian
    Vicken Varbedian
    17 дзён таму

    👍🏻 👍🏻

  34. 2neilas
    17 дзён таму


  35. T Skot
    T Skot
    17 дзён таму

    You have a beautiful delivery. You are beautiful! I hope Hollywood is being kind to you. I hope your being is as jovial as your performance. Thank you for the time🤓 you are very funny and uplifting.

  36. Xyb3r Anims
    Xyb3r Anims
    17 дзён таму

    A l r i g h t

  37. Some Stuff
    Some Stuff
    17 дзён таму


  38. Kyle Price
    Kyle Price
    17 дзён таму

    I hope Fluffy comes to Scotland, I'm dying to see him live!

  39. Bign Highs
    Bign Highs
    18 дзён таму


  40. ZeroFox75
    18 дзён таму

    Yo... Matt’s wife is on lucky ass lady

  41. Rachid khan
    Rachid khan
    20 дзён таму


  42. Ben Thurman 2
    Ben Thurman 2
    21 дзень таму

    Matthew Maconaughty

  43. Jonathan Hale
    Jonathan Hale
    21 дзень таму

    So- he's speaking english and we have subtitles- IN ENGLISH!!

  44. Angel Apinya
    Angel Apinya
    23 дні таму

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  45. JK JK
    JK JK
    23 дні таму

    More like fluffy feeding fishes.

  46. Pigeon
    24 дні таму

    When he said Kuwait army heart was bumping I live in fucking Kuwait

  47. Gale Spencer
    Gale Spencer
    24 дні таму

    As if we needed another reason to love.... alright man

  48. Yogesh Kumar
    Yogesh Kumar
    24 дні таму


  49. Hashir Wasim
    Hashir Wasim
    25 дзён таму


  50. Azon Gaming
    Azon Gaming
    25 дзён таму

    Anybody else try to look up the movie?

  51. Chris
    25 дзён таму

    Gabriel is one of the best comedians ever. His ability to tell stories is amazing

  52. Loukas
    26 дзён таму

    "Are you the guy?" "Im the guy" Catched me.

  53. damnation
    26 дзён таму

    gabriel is a narcissist, you know, lowkey.

  54. Velociraptor
    27 дзён таму

    The ending is what gives this video an 11/10

  55. thatsstunning
    27 дзён таму


  56. Georgina Moreno
    Georgina Moreno
    28 дзён таму

    Wait so the shadow of the other person that was peeing was Matthew Machkonohey ?

  57. Iridescent Vampire
    Iridescent Vampire
    28 дзён таму

    His face in the thumbnail 😆

  58. Maxine Ward
    Maxine Ward
    28 дзён таму

    can't believe i've seen that movie so many times and never noticed mr iglesias there. better watch it again.

  59. How You Doin
    How You Doin
    28 дзён таму

    I wanna know Matthew McConaughey’s reaction to this-

  60. Gerry Maloney
    Gerry Maloney
    29 дзён таму

    I needed that with all the shitty news all day long

  61. acalthu
    29 дзён таму

    This is why I love Gabriel's stand up. This is easily one of the sets he's done, the punch lines always leave you feeling good, and i mean wholesome good. I love it.

  62. FLUFFY Ent
    FLUFFY Ent
    29 дзён таму

    Will Smith is good but Fluffy as the Genie is DAAAAMMMNN!!!! I WANT THAT!!

  63. 2neilas
    Месяц таму


  64. Govind Mishra
    Govind Mishra
    Месяц таму

    Dislikers are "joes"

  65. Easy Inglés
    Easy Inglés
    Месяц таму

    What accent is this?

  66. Fegelein: The Lost Tapes
    Fegelein: The Lost Tapes
    Месяц таму


  67. Zaxk - Kun
    Zaxk - Kun
    Месяц таму

    who else here watched his scene in magic mike then watched the whole video?

  68. Makayla Brown
    Makayla Brown
    Месяц таму

    I love how the actor who literally played Fez from that’s 70’s show was in Magic Mike, just knowing that he worked along side fluffy is just amazing

  69. Zombie Craft5234
    Zombie Craft5234
    Месяц таму

    Who here looked up movies he has played in. spoilers he plays the departure girl in CoCo

  70. Jay Mac
    Jay Mac
    Месяц таму

    “Fluffy’s killing fishes”

  71. Harshit Kaushik
    Harshit Kaushik
    Месяц таму

    Feeling sorry for the other guys at the auditions who went there just to get rejected😂😂😂😂

  72. Josh Nunya
    Josh Nunya
    Месяц таму

    Anybody else seen Haunted House 2?

  73. Felix LeKawaii
    Felix LeKawaii
    Месяц таму

    People who is searching up Magic Mike

  74. Rose Garza
    Rose Garza
    Месяц таму

    I laughed till I cried 😂

  75. Alex Dagos
    Alex Dagos
    Месяц таму

    Why did he do Joe like that

  76. Kid Gamer
    Kid Gamer
    Месяц таму

    I love the movie

  77. Mona Teresa Aguilera
    Mona Teresa Aguilera
    Месяц таму

    I wish I could see one of your shows, I would be so happy. Love ya FLUFFY. I would love to sport one of your 👕 You are the best.

  78. Mona Teresa Aguilera
    Mona Teresa Aguilera
    Месяц таму

    Fluffy you are so funny . I can't stop laughing when I watch you You are #1

  79. Wangiha Mwangi
    Wangiha Mwangi
    Месяц таму

    😂😂Fluffy is the funny version of Dj Khaled

  80. Samuel Fiifi Yeboah
    Samuel Fiifi Yeboah
    Месяц таму

    Fluffy's killing fishes!!

  81. sike887
    Месяц таму

    ill play a challenge on matttew kinda like swords when we were kids all all u thirsty ass pepl get a life two hands holding it.

  82. MsBg1946 .gould
    MsBg1946 .gould
    Месяц таму

    You make fun of my president trump go fuck yourself🖕

  83. Danman
    Месяц таму

    Who the fuck misspelled like every fifth word on the subtitles

  84. Emem Samuel
    Emem Samuel
    Месяц таму

    Fluffy is killing fishes.

  85. Shlok Bharadwaj
    Shlok Bharadwaj
    Месяц таму

    Alriiight !

  86. R. Prokop
    R. Prokop
    Месяц таму

    "Oh so you're gay?" ... "Yeah I guess so." LOL.

  87. Mr shattered Glass
    Mr shattered Glass
    Месяц таму

    5:51, 6:00, 13:58 when I have a bad day ,I’ll come here and listen to this sexy voice which tell me that everything is gonna be Alright~

  88. Kevin Wotipka
    Kevin Wotipka
    Месяц таму

    I'd love to get this guy, Mark Hamill and Craig Ferguson on a stage together and just let the camera roll.

  89. Savage Cabbage
    Savage Cabbage
    Месяц таму


  90. Harold Hatton
    Harold Hatton
    Месяц таму

    "I'm the guy". LMAO every time I hear that. Alriiiiight!

  91. 2neilas
    Месяц таму


  92. Miguel A.
    Miguel A.
    Месяц таму

    Subtitles' guy, leave that tequila aside and use your instead of you're!

  93. Curt Coller
    Curt Coller
    Месяц таму

    Great show! Music reminds a bit of "ghost busters".

  94. lobo james
    lobo james
    Месяц таму


  95. Daniel Duntavs Saunders
    Daniel Duntavs Saunders
    Месяц таму

    Dude should audition for Hazbin Hotel I’d be screaming

  96. J. Angelo Alconaba
    J. Angelo Alconaba
    Месяц таму

    He did not mention where he was dancing on the stage in heels. Funny!!

  97. Emmanuel M A N N Y
    Emmanuel M A N N Y
    Месяц таму

    2:33 Don’t mind me .. I just want to replay this part cuz it’s my favorite 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  98. Doyoumine
    Месяц таму

    Watch church Sunday/Wednesday to learn about the one true God.

  99. Nigga Stillinthewomb
    Nigga Stillinthewomb
    Месяц таму

    To think this dude played in narcos

  100. 2neilas
    Месяц таму