Rod Wave - Freestyle (Official Music Video)

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  1. D'ashawna Thomas
    D'ashawna Thomas
    19 хвілін таму

    I love this

  2. Deonte Sanders
    Deonte Sanders
    19 хвілін таму

    Y is it 1 song on the album or why is this a album

  3. KVNG-_-SYKO
    20 хвілін таму

    Imagine disliking

  4. Antonio DelQuan
    Antonio DelQuan
    41 хвіліна таму

    That drake reference was hard

  5. Rawest .roddy
    Rawest .roddy
    46 хвілін таму

    Damn woe 1st artist man 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🥶🐐🐐🐐smam goat

  6. X.dhabhadie 473
    X.dhabhadie 473
    51 хвіліна таму


  7. Michelle Licks on
    Michelle Licks on
    Годину таму


  8. Uriah🖤
    Годину таму

    They rather go blind then see me winnin 💔

  9. John Lennon
    John Lennon
    Годину таму

  10. Danasia Cobb
    Danasia Cobb
    2 години таму

    Like if rob wave is better then A Boogie

  11. Daydawoo
    2 години таму

    That album drops tomorrow 🥺💗!!!!!

  12. Katlyn Wheeler
    Katlyn Wheeler
    2 години таму

    Hes so sexy!!!

  13. Jj Cox
    Jj Cox
    2 години таму

    Engine in the trunk the only reason he is living💯🐐✊🧕👼😌🤪🌬🎭🤴

  14. Ezekiel Ombayia
    Ezekiel Ombayia
    2 години таму

    Brings back my moods

  15. Princess Mari
    Princess Mari
    2 години таму

    He the only one I listen to and if he die imma cry for the rest of my life🥰

  16. 1k subscribers with no videos Challenge
    1k subscribers with no videos Challenge
    2 години таму

    Can I borrow some of that money?

  17. J22Beatz
    2 години таму

    Check out the new rod wave beat on my channel. #PrayForLove

  18. ASMR Mani
    ASMR Mani
    2 години таму

    Yo i smiled thu this whole video

  19. Muthafuckin 77s
    Muthafuckin 77s
    3 години таму

    Yo rod wave talkimg his shit hell yea! Stay grinding!💯

  20. Daily VLOGS
    Daily VLOGS
    3 години таму


  21. Zachary Patterson
    Zachary Patterson
    4 години таму

    Everybody on the wave now🌊🌊🌊

  22. Gatez999VEVO
    4 години таму


  23. NBA Smile
    NBA Smile
    4 години таму


  24. Torry
    4 години таму

    Allah'ın görgüsüzleri balya balya paralarla klip cekmeyeni vuruyorlar heralde

  25. One Last Time
    One Last Time
    4 години таму

    for the fans that been with him this whole way might as well say we made it 🤷🏾‍♂️🥳💙

  26. 1
    4 години таму

    You got money .are you going to black people ? Ok are they care about money or( black life is matter )

  27. Robert Fannon
    Robert Fannon
    4 години таму

    I told you way back you was gonna make it bro 💯🐐📈

  28. marcus hernandez
    marcus hernandez
    4 години таму

    Mayne still remember my homeboy from Florida put me on him when he first came out mayne been jamming him since good times working out of town

  29. honza kotrys
    honza kotrys
    4 години таму

    If y'all think y'all can never make it out. Remember... This dude was working in a drive-through 2.5 years ago and now he's here.

  30. JW Circus Overseer
    JW Circus Overseer
    4 години таму

    *The fact that you can buy fake money online shows how materialism has taken over.* *Real rich people have a Black Card with no limit that least those racks. There's always somebody with more paper than you unless you're a sultan.*

  31. XveerannA Xvee
    XveerannA Xvee
    4 години таму

    That's good rap

  32. Abzinoo
    5 годин таму

    God coming soon make sure you repent😏✝️

  33. OfficialGKeyun
    5 годин таму

    The crazy thang is who gone clean all that shit up👏🏿👏🏿🔥🙏🏿

  34. Kemz K
    Kemz K
    5 годин таму

    Everyone like uppp!

  35. Kemz K
    Kemz K
    5 годин таму

    @breezzzo he’s right!

  36. 50 000 Subscribers with 0 Videos
    50 000 Subscribers with 0 Videos
    5 годин таму

    No one: Not even Rod Wave: Random comments: "DoNt LIe whO's BEen a FAn oF Rod Wave beFOre 2020?"

  37. OneEyeWilly528
    5 годин таму

    These rappers got me think I can rap nowadays the standard is sooooo lowww

  38. sotuur aeei
    sotuur aeei
    6 годин таму

    Everyone Reading This Rod Wave The Goat Like If You Agree.💙

  39. Roosevelt Warren
    Roosevelt Warren
    6 годин таму

    Rod Wave 🌊 is the man

  40. P0Lo
    6 годин таму

    the ppl who disliked this video only did it cuz they broke

    6 годин таму

    i already now the whole song

  42. bfears
    6 годин таму

    Rod Wave is my favorite new rapper! Love me some him!

    1. sotuur aeei
      sotuur aeei
      6 годин таму

      goosebumbs! Fire

  43. Jean Batist
    Jean Batist
    6 годин таму

    Rod wave give me hope and faith

  44. Chasity Anderson
    Chasity Anderson
    6 годин таму

    Rod wave feature roddy ricch

  45. Daniel Ong
    Daniel Ong
    7 годин таму

    Ya'll can't judge this guy ,he the one

  46. Smooth micky
    Smooth micky
    7 годин таму

    Rod wave= every other rapper that flexes

  47. broc walker
    broc walker
    8 годин таму

    i liked rod wave before he blew up, and i put that ong

  48. Shanique Williams
    Shanique Williams
    8 годин таму


  49. Steppa Steve
    Steppa Steve
    8 годин таму

    You sleeping on Mooder he was on live pd PROOF : and he do music too he should get reaction 💜

  50. Steppa Steve
    Steppa Steve
    8 годин таму

    You sleeping on Mooder he was on live pd PROOF : and he do music too he should get reaction 💜

  51. N E L L
    N E L L
    8 годин таму


  52. Steppa Steve
    Steppa Steve
    8 годин таму

    You sleeping on Mooder he was on live pd PROOF : and he do music too he should get reaction 💜

  53. Wolfy
    9 годин таму

    To the person who is reading this: Your amazing stay blessed ,stay safe and have an wonderful rest of your day!✨

  54. Austin Gaddis
    Austin Gaddis
    9 годин таму

    Shit made me tear up

  55. Alexander
    10 годин таму

    goosebumbs! Fire

  56. YoungBoy Never Broke Again
    YoungBoy Never Broke Again
    10 годин таму

    "Literally 99% won't see this but I hope God bless you and you become who you dreamed to be" 🙏 "Subscribe to activate"❤

  57. Chunsey Kentrell
    Chunsey Kentrell
    10 годин таму

    Ran it up uuhhuhhuuuuaaahp🗣🏁

  58. Timothy Johnson
    Timothy Johnson
    11 годин таму

    @rodwave everything you do iz 🔥......

  59. GOD
    11 годин таму

    Unoriginal assembly line garbage.

  60. robin wood
    robin wood
    11 годин таму

    bro put a de-esser on this please