Tom MacDonald - "SELLOUT"

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INSTAGRAM: hangovergang
TWITTER: IAmTomMacDonald
SHOT by Nova Rockafeller
MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan


  1. Cameron Harrison
    Cameron Harrison
    Годину таму

    Man you are my idol i look up to you and hopefully i can rap as good as you one day but i love that you tell the truth and spit facts you good man and be prode of you are your how old asnd already net worth of 12 mill damn you good man

  2. prettyboy SH!T
    prettyboy SH!T
    Годину таму

    😪😪welcome back

  3. keiron jackson
    keiron jackson
    3 години таму

    U r real bro #1000000000000 money comes and goes memories only grow#kalum dockerty

  4. kenan Barrette
    kenan Barrette
    3 години таму

    Honestly man, fuck em... as long as u and the wifey happy that's what matters, to many ppl on here with nothing but hate in there hearts. U just do what makes u happy, evolving is what life is about!! Ur awesome

  5. Wazy Ass
    Wazy Ass
    3 години таму

    He's a genius rapper always makes a good point

  6. Jessica Kaiser
    Jessica Kaiser
    4 години таму

    I think u and doobie should do a song or two together y'all r both awesome and have saved me with yalls music

  7. Tiger1976
    6 годин таму

    Tom, my bro... You dont deserve this hate man. They just don't wanna accept the truth and they jealous that you doin amazing by yo-self. We always here for you bro and I'm proud of how far you've gotten man. Its amazing that you doin this great and you dont have a huge team its legit you and your girlfriend. I hope one day I turn on that radio and i hear yo songs cuz dang you deserve it so much.

  8. New Dork
    New Dork
    7 годин таму

    I mean even if tom did sell out he still told us everything lol

  9. Spyka Wan
    Spyka Wan
    8 годин таму

    I really wish I could ft you on my new dancehall trap song Hope you will hall back for some fire works buddy Nobody knows the next hit song 🎶 +233505712162

  10. Taylar Jones
    Taylar Jones
    9 годин таму

    Fucking love u bro. keep doing u please. u keep me smiling. It shows that i can do amything I can do if i put my mind to it

  11. GBZara
    11 годин таму

    We should be happy for him, every man with people to support should understand what a relief it would be to get to a point where you can provide a better life for those he loves.

  12. Seven- Seven
    Seven- Seven
    12 годин таму

    Wish I’ve found him sooner

  13. Randy Kellum
    Randy Kellum
    12 годин таму

    The world needs more like Tom Macdonald

  14. Ekoh
    12 годин таму

    I love this. Real shit, and one of my favorite videos you’ve done.

  15. Chaz Tchir
    Chaz Tchir
    13 годин таму

    How many songs are on both new albums I really want to buy them I just want to make sure it's worth it that I'm not going to pay 35$ for 18 songs and some I've already heard

  16. Question Everything
    Question Everything
    14 годин таму

    All your songs the same... They real af good job G much respect

  17. S K I M P
    S K I M P
    15 годин таму

    😢 shit bro i shed a tear out my right eye tht was genuine like the rest...

  18. Larry Hillz
    Larry Hillz
    16 годин таму


  19. Hollow Hound
    Hollow Hound
    16 годин таму

    fuck yeah!!! I am not into this type of music usually, but after listening to him a while back i am hooked and this is what i needed in 2020 thanks Tom MacDonald :)

  20. Adam Clokey
    Adam Clokey
    16 годин таму

    Tom really starting to look more bulky tho💪💪

  21. Willy
    17 годин таму

    Man I love your songs. Music isn't real anymore and I rarely see real artist anymore putting in the work to make real music that's true to the person making it and I just want to say I apparate your hard work and dedication to putting out real music and showing there are still real people out there with real problems that's putting in the work to make it. I'm not a artist of any kind but you remind me to fight and put in the work in my life. Thanks for the inspiration.

  22. Bearded Unicorn
    Bearded Unicorn
    17 годин таму

    Put up Christmas decorations with my wife while listening to Christmas music brought to me by my 2 new HOG cds!!

  23. Elijah Brandow
    Elijah Brandow
    18 годин таму

    This songs good the beat and and all ..anybody down vote wants to die below 23

    1. SFSafc
      8 годин таму

      @Elijah Brandow forgot to switch account?

    2. Elijah Brandow
      Elijah Brandow
      18 годин таму

      That was a legit comment my dude

  24. Jacob Long
    Jacob Long
    18 годин таму

    I wonder which label told token they'd sign him if he sneak dissed you?

  25. Matthew Mandell
    Matthew Mandell
    19 годин таму

    Screw the fake fans

  26. blade warcraft
    blade warcraft
    19 годин таму

    thank you for being you

  27. s02 Pzychotik
    s02 Pzychotik
    21 годину таму


  28. GorillaPlayz
    22 години таму

    I thought this guy was the show me your genitals guy... and I think I was right

  29. Nuts the Crazy cat
    Nuts the Crazy cat
    22 години таму

    You didn’t sell out you just woke up unlike the others and seen the bullshit that is being shoved down our throats. I blast your music while I’m in the car even got compliments about how they like the song No Lives Matter and People are Stupid. You rap real shit that everybody can connect to. Keep it up dude.

  30. Shinzu Music
    Shinzu Music
    Дзень таму

    I love you Tom. Thank you for what you are doing.

  31. m9is9 420
    m9is9 420
    Дзень таму

    Tom I dont know if you'll see this or not but I have to say that I am happy tou made it and even happier you did it speak nothing but the truth and not selling out. I said before and I'll say it again you're the man. I laugh out loud watching some of your give anything to hang out with a round mouth friend such as yourself. Keep it real, Tom I know you will though.

  32. fweeto
    Дзень таму

    this man a living legend

  33. Anthony Garcia
    Anthony Garcia
    Дзень таму

    Tom would have sold out like mainstream rappers, but nobody wants him. So now, he's just makes songs to get attention.

    1. Maxine Cruz
      Maxine Cruz
      4 години таму me out right? He's not like these mainstream rappers cause he tells the truth and makes music that relates to his listeners. He rather work with his girl to make money then sell out to a record company and make music that's mainstream like the rest of the rappers.

  34. Macaw YT
    Macaw YT
    Дзень таму

    If anyone wants the unrealesed song you get for buying merch dm my insta- macaw_yt

  35. J Eddy
    J Eddy
    Дзень таму

    Just keep making music we appreciate your existence and your music

  36. Daniel Freer
    Daniel Freer
    Дзень таму

    bro your girl hasn't been struggling since she knew R.a. she's been a millionaire for longer than she's been with you...

  37. Richard
    Дзень таму

    "Still be the voice of every single lonely person with a story They can't tell because they never had nobody" This shit hit... hard as fuck... damn...

  38. Micah Bell
    Micah Bell
    Дзень таму

    Did Tom throw a brick threw a window??? I can soooo see him doing it and throwing the cash down to replace it 😂😂 Bam! Here you go let me fix that

  39. A B
    A B
    Дзень таму

    Mumble rappers disliked this message.

  40. Blackwidow Lyrics
    Blackwidow Lyrics
    Дзень таму

    For the tom fans 😊

  41. FamilyLife4211
    Дзень таму

    you inspire me bro! if you can make it though hell, then we all can. the fact you stay humble is amazing in itself! Much love and respect! Come to Washington after this covid shit is gone!

  42. MERCED CA. 209
    MERCED CA. 209
    Дзень таму

    BYget LEGAND

  43. MERCED CA. 209
    MERCED CA. 209
    Дзень таму


  44. MERCED CA. 209
    MERCED CA. 209
    Дзень таму


  45. Ty Horton
    Ty Horton
    Дзень таму

    Best song since the cancer track . Much better

  46. 100% octane
    100% octane
    Дзень таму

    Thats whats wrong with this country items dont make the man people forget that fuck that bro buy you shit you earned it

  47. Michael JamesBlack
    Michael JamesBlack
    Дзень таму

    I appreciate truth in lyrics, and this man is the truth!!! New favourite rapper.

  48. Joshua Richardson
    Joshua Richardson
    Дзень таму

    I've almost gave up on my dream 3 years ago I discovered your message and music on BYget and it has reinvigorated my will to fight for what I want ty still don't know how I'm going to do it buy I'm going to bury every hater ty

  49. Treshaun Allen
    Treshaun Allen
    Дзень таму

    Hope u see this how much for a feature

  50. Michele Vela
    Michele Vela
    Дзень таму

    tom i would love to meat you but i cant cuase this pandemic

  51. Cody Walls
    Cody Walls
    Дзень таму

    Love it keep up the good work bro

  52. Marc Thomas
    Marc Thomas
    Дзень таму

    I love tom songs and everyone of them is catchy but just not quite enough if that makes sense

  53. Mawmaw makeup
    Mawmaw makeup
    Дзень таму

    Love this. It's called growth. You can still be yourself ; and grow.

  54. Juliet Zamel
    Juliet Zamel
    Дзень таму

    I appreciate your work! Thank you!

  55. Thomas Russell
    Thomas Russell
    Дзень таму


  56. Randyness
    Дзень таму

    This video is absolutely gorgeous

  57. Isabella Riley
    Isabella Riley
    Дзень таму

    This guy speaks the truth. I will keep this guy in my heart forever. He’s so kind to people I love all of his songs❤️ This guy is gonna be the next legend Who’s with me??

  58. NewKidRamZ
    Дзень таму

    each song starting to sound the same. calm rapping then chanting inspirational sounding chorus.

  59. Make It
    Make It
    Дзень таму

    Be yourself.

  60. Jyn-Full Sword
    Jyn-Full Sword
    Дзень таму

    My guy! I have seen you grow so much in this shit year of 2020. So proud of you Mr. MacDonald. Keep reaching to be awake! Dont get me wrong, I don't mean "Woke". You Sir are amazing and so is your wife. If being a sellout is being a good person...keep rocking being a "sellout"!

  61. Camden Spnard
    Camden Spnard
    Дзень таму

    Hey man you are good person man you are the best man alive

  62. Samuel Walker
    Samuel Walker
    Дзень таму

    Love the message ur saying in this song bro, be you and stay true to yourself and and let the haters hate since that's all their good for.

  63. T3
    Дзень таму

    We can raise up our heroes dont worry about us we about the music, your personal life is your life brother

  64. Jessica Cline
    Jessica Cline
    Дзень таму

    That little shimmy at 2:28 😍

  65. Demonluck2
    Дзень таму

    i give this men this he way down to earth then some of the other rap star like he do not care about all the nice thing like the other do he do not go around saying that he the best no he let he music do the talking of him and not go on tweet and pop out like the other do

  66. Mr. Wingding
    Mr. Wingding
    Дзень таму

    we love you tom... live your life. don't have people push you around man!

  67. Austin Dixon
    Austin Dixon
    Дзень таму

    Your the best bro keep yo shit real to who you are and fuck the haters

  68. Fernando Chiqui
    Fernando Chiqui
    Дзень таму

    Is this what they play at Trump rallies

  69. Bryan Michael
    Bryan Michael
    Дзень таму

    You have saved me

  70. Henry Reeve
    Henry Reeve
    Дзень таму

    Dios te bendiga mano every time I drive long distance I listen to your sons.

  71. Constantin Clipa
    Constantin Clipa
    Дзень таму

    you just pissed on Eminem with this.,..he lost touch with himself...hope you remain yourself forever. Love from Romania

  72. Racheal fitzgerald
    Racheal fitzgerald
    Дзень таму

    Hi a huge fan with you sence beginning love it

  73. Michael
    Дзень таму

    Ive always Loved your music and it just continuously blows my mind every time.

  74. Persuasion Gaming
    Persuasion Gaming
    Дзень таму

    Tom Macdonald is by far one of the best rappers alive currently because of the content in his music. He actually writes and gives a lesson through each song. That is incredibly unique. I have never seen anything like it.

  75. ox458 oxking
    ox458 oxking
    Дзень таму

    Hell yeah tom u confront the truth yet again stay strong man

  76. Rachel Jose
    Rachel Jose
    Дзень таму

    But,add,what, happened in,the, year 2020, please and thank you

  77. Rachel Jose
    Rachel Jose
    2 дні таму

    Of,1912, great depression song

  78. Flippers Mr
    Flippers Mr
    2 дні таму

    Tom u should make a story channel about ur life and experience

  79. Rachel Jose
    Rachel Jose
    2 дні таму

    Can you make,a,song,about, great depression

  80. Justin Mccaughey
    Justin Mccaughey
    2 дні таму

    You are so amazingly talented i appreciate you and nova for all your hard work and dedication to us keep thoes hits coming your killing it

  81. Francois Mc Gregor
    Francois Mc Gregor
    2 дні таму

    Bud, wearing a Nirvana shirt makes you 200% cooler in my eyes... Keep up the good work!!!

  82. Kryptic Ghost
    Kryptic Ghost
    2 дні таму

    I don’t agree with you on everything but that goes for everybody, but I have to honestly say man, you’re the truth so much so you get unnecessary hate. Keep it up we need more like you.

  83. Jeff Cooper
    Jeff Cooper
    2 дні таму

    Keep flowing brother!

  84. Harsh Verma
    Harsh Verma
    2 дні таму

    Hey (Tom) I'm live in "varanasi" from (India) every time I heard your song that's feel me like I heard your journey how you suffer how you take stand on your life how you convert your pain into your strength & now to come so far from past version & when I'm talking about u I can't miss the great person (Nova) ("YOU ARE LIKE SHIVA & NOVA IS LIKE PARVATI") u can't be completed without her She's the missing part of yourself. Nova understands u like no-one else. Thanks for doing such a great job for mankind. Suggestion-Write those Song's that brings us back together We needed to feel that again that we are a greatest discovery of Time.

  85. TheSickness1234
    2 дні таму

    You deserve what you have built for yourself and Nova. You guys put so much effort in. Anyone that doesn't see that is just a whiny B'''''' You are showing them hardwork pays off and they still don't understand

  86. Marcus Childers
    Marcus Childers
    2 дні таму

    I couldn't do it

  87. Rob Press
    Rob Press
    2 дні таму

    Hell no you don't don't change just always speak the truth you and your family is awesome ❤️😊 y'all keep it up please 🙂

  88. Malik Mckinley
    Malik Mckinley
    2 дні таму

    He is one of my favorites

  89. bmote48
    2 дні таму

    Gotta Be one of the few Respectable people in the Industry 👍 Nova should be RESPECTED for her music AND Her TALENT ON BACK SIDE OF CAMERA...... Y'ALL ARE AWSOME H.O.G👍🇺🇲

  90. lin Min
    lin Min
    2 дні таму

    As a millennial, I still love U

  91. Adam Stephenson
    Adam Stephenson
    2 дні таму

    Fuck em you busted your ass and made it. Took care of your family and yourself there just jealous they can't buy it

    2 дні таму

    What’s with the dislikes?

  93. skipperbent
    2 дні таму

    WARNING: World Economic Forum might take down the power grid and blame it on Iran, causing massive collapse of society. Just like Event 201 predicted Covid-19, they're now running new "cyber security simulations". Please spread this message wherever possible in case of emergency and stay safe. More info:

  94. murphy green
    murphy green
    2 дні таму

    I’m sorry for hating on you for changing you have a little bit after hearing your story I see why and have to say I’m sorry love you and good job getting here ❤️

  95. Glutney FB
    Glutney FB
    2 дні таму

    Bro can you make a compilation video of your hate mail/messages. Idk why but I really want to see how ignorant people are

  96. Jackson Bradson
    Jackson Bradson
    2 дні таму

    Luv ya brother lay it down , keep the haters hating

  97. Tara Bishop
    Tara Bishop
    2 дні таму

    Simply put, they weren't true fans 💚 HOG Happiness looks amazing on you and Nova 😊

  98. Zakk Burton
    Zakk Burton
    2 дні таму

    Respect 🤛🏼

  99. Amanda Gadsby
    Amanda Gadsby
    2 дні таму

    Love you bro I we miss you here

  100. Drew Sinclair
    Drew Sinclair
    2 дні таму

    Tom when we gonna see a free style rap. Or a battle against other great rappers like Chris webby or Harry mac?